CO2 awareness

Vialis wants to limit the emissions of greenhouse gasses by being aware of CO2 during business operations and executing projects. Vialis annually sets goals for reduction of CO2 emissions. We also monitor the achievement in relation to the goals. This concerns the emission of leased and company cars, use of electricity and gas at our locations, and travel by plane. The power used for our builidngs, mostly derives from Dutch wind power. For transportation, 12 fully/plug in electrical vehicles are used, including a service car (Mercedes e-Vito). At all locations, there are facilities to charge these cars.

CO2-bewust (trend)

The CO2 emissions has been reduced from 5,000 (2009) to 3,500 (2012) tonnes a year in this manner. Vialis annually requests an independent organisation to verify her CO2 emissions.
The effect/ambition of Vialis on CO2 emissions goes even further. One fifth of the CO2 emissions in the Netherlands is created by traffic. Vialis makes an important contribution to the reduction of these CO2 emissions due to their unique position in the market and knowledge in the area of Dynamic Traffic Management (DVM).

CO2 awareness certificate

In 2012, Vialis received the CO2 awareness certificate on level 5 (highest level). 

Power usage

Vialis wants to limit her use of power, and make use of renewable power sources as much as possible.

We do this by:

  • reduction of power and gas usage in the buildings by a correct adjustment of building management systems, applying (roof) insulation, insulating windows and power save functions on our lighting.
  • reduction of the use of fuel by cars by using fuel-efficient cars, and encouraging efficient driving behaviour.
  • recycling products by means of revision.

Use of material

Vialis strives to minimise the use of (raw) materials for the production of products. Furthermore, we prefer to use raw materials that have as little impact on the environment as possible.


Vialis has fixed procedures for collection, separation, storage and disposal of waste. Waste is only collected and processed by companies that are certified to collect waste, and that are registered on the national VIHB list of the Landelijk Meldpunt

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