At Vialis, health and safety at work are of the utmost importance. Directors, management and employees all value working safely. Vialis uses a safety management system, which forms an integral part of the Vialis Management System (VMS). Besides this, we constantly work on improvements of safety health performances. As a work company of VolkerWessels, Vialis completely agrees with the views and policies of the parent company concerning safety.

Safety certification

Vialis is certified with the Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors SCC ** 2008/05.

Health and safety policy

Directors and employees are responsible for carrying out the health and safety policy as a team. The directors actively encourage this. When risks to safety and health are found, measures to contain these are decided upon to bring these risks back to an acceptable level. Vialis carries out her work safely, and encourages her partners and subcontractors to work safely as well. The continuous improvement of health and safety performances is an integrated part of the policy. Safety is a point of focus that has been added as a fixed item for meetings. V&G plans for projects, Task Risk Analyses for specific work, and carrying out LMRAs (last minute risk analyses) before starting work are also standard items.

The working conditions of Vialis aim to prevent personal injury or damage to health and to continuously improve ourselves on this subject.

The goals and policies concerning working conditions are secured in the Vialis Management System (VMS). Based on the RI&E, the annual V&G analysis and the resulting annual Health and Safety plan, the work condition policy is adjusted when necessary.


Vialis believes that customers, shareholders, partners and others have to be able to trust our company. Therefore, we follow the generally accepted norms and values, legislations and regulations. We demand that our employees work with integrity and care, and keep promises. Our employees all take workshops concerning integrity.

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