Vialis aims for a good, direct connection with the society we work in. We minimise the effects that our projects have on the immediate (work) environment. Besides that, we communicate openly and honestly with the parties involved. Social connection also plays a role in our commitment to social initiatives and our sponsor and donation policy. The commitment of our employees is important for this.


Vialis offers short-term internships for children between 10-13 years to introduce them to business and techniques. Vialis is a partner of Jinc, and donates an annual contribution to this organisation that helps young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to find jobs.

Practical square

To motivate Young people to choose for technical education, Vialis has set up the Practical Square at different schools. Besides this, the Practical square is used to let current and new employees gain practical experience and to increase the quality and safety of their work in the field. Students can practice connecting equipment, burying loops and cables and making loop-coupling joints. Engineers of Vialis guide the students and pass on their knowledge and experience.


Vialis has made use of Paswerk for decades. The employees of Paswerk have difficulties finding work on their own. By helping them gain work experience, guiding them and mediating for job openings, we help these people into employment. Possible in regular businesses, if necessary, in the safety of their own workshop.

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