Sustainable solutions

Sustainable innovation of products and services is important for maintaining and expanding market and market share. Product development needs to focus on better safety and a smaller environmental impact. Vialis created a number of innovations that contribute to a decrease of impact on the environment.

Signals for railways

Vialis has been revising railway products for years. Old products are improved in such a way that they have the same quality as new ones. This approach leads to the use of less material and less manufacturing, and therefore a decrease in CO2 emission. For example, it has been calculated that the CO2 emission for producing a revised signal is two thirds lower than that of a new signal.

Toptrac traffic control

Vialis developed Toptrac network control. Toptrac offers the possibility to dynamically coordinate intersection controllers. Toptrac is mostly suited for networks with thoroughfares and/or busy frontage roads. It optimises traffic flow, which leads to a reduction of CO2 emission. It has been shown that Toptrac control realises an average reduction of 8.8 % of CO2 emission in comparison with standard traffic control.

LED signals and traffic lights

Vialis has provided LED signals and lights for years. These require less power than conventional light bulbs . Because these products are used in large numbers, this has a big effect on power consumption.

Traffic control system

Attention is paid to environmental demands as well when developing traffic control systems. ViTrac is in accordance with the document ‘Criteria for sustainable purchase of Traffic control systems, version 1.5’, composed by Agentschap NL, commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.


Saving energy is one of the subjects of the seventh EU program for research and innovation. Vialis takes part in the project ‘eCoTraffic Management Control’. With this, we lead the cluster ‘eCoMotorway Traffic Management’ eCoMove strives towards a 20% reduction of the use of fuel and, with that, a reduction of CO2 emission. Vialis makes a financial contribution and the deployment of her expert employees.

VolkerWessels - PlanetFit

To encourage the focus on sustainability, parent company VolkerWessels grants the PlanetFit label to sustainable innovations to the subsidiaries. Vialis received a PlanetFit label for:


  • EnViVer; an environmental module that makes it possible to use a traffic simulation program to precisely calculate the effects that traffic measures have on the emission of harmful substances.
  • ViAqoustique; a bell for railway crossings that limits noise levels, but retains its warning function.
  • Ramspolbrug; the engine that controls the moving part of the bridge starts to work as a generator as the bridge closes. Furthermore, with the use of 320 solar panels, the bridge produces as much power as it needs for its own operation. This project was also granted the 'Energie-Nulprijs' of the HIER Klimaatbureau and the industry association NLingenieurs.
  • Smart Parking;  a system to reduce traffic looking for a parking space, and which makes individual parking guidance possible.
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