In order to create good urban quality, accessibility and sustainability, road traffic is of key in importance. Vialis can offer you many solutions on this topic. Our activities are focused on main roads to optimise use of local infrastructure by implementing smart ICT solutions. For any mobility challenge, Vialis is your partner.

Infra projects

Vialis is your partner for large-scale projects. We do that in every phase of road infrastructure construction, extention or adjustment. We help you in the design, execution, operation and...

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Cities are expanding and attract more visitors and commuters. This is why traffic flows are growing on urban road networks. Vialis offers different possibilities to guarantee urban quality and...

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Operation and maintenance

From a cable in the ground for traffic control systems to the operation and maintenance of large-scale systems such as tunnels, bridges and locks. It is no problem at all for Vialis.

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Our consultants and traffic experts are pleased to help you finding the best solutions for your mobility issues. We do so on a policy level as well as a design level.

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Traffic products

Vialis has been a supplier of good, sustainable and reliable traffic products for the road and roadside for many years.

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Public lighting

From motorway to district. Vialis can help you with the design, installation and maintenance of all kinds of public lighting.

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