The demands that are made to technical systems in tunnels are immense. Of course, this is beneficial for the user’s safety. Vialis is one of the few companies that answer to the highest standards due to years of experience and combining forces with other parts of VolkerWessels.

Veilig werken in tunnel

Since the end of 2012, the Landelijke Tunnelstandaard (National Tunnel Standard) is applicable in the Netherlands. Vialis is the first contractor in 2014 to complete two tunnels that fully apply to these new standards.


For an average tunnel, there are about 14 million software lines . In comparison: the cockpit of a high-tech fighter aircraft JSF has 5 million lines. Tunnel engineering is a high complexity job.


Vialis offers all possible (safety) systems that are necessary for tunnels. For example: ventilation systems, lighting, fire detection, GPS and fire extinguishing systems. Many of the about fifty different safety systems are focused on helping people to leave a tunnel fast and safe in case of an emergency.

Vialis’ strength: years of knowledge and experience, collaboration within VolkerWessels.

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