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Our ambition is to create Smart Collaborative Growth. In our opinion that’s the way to build Vital Cities. By making clever use of infrastructures, and developing smart solutions that make a sustainable improvement in mobility, we can contribute to a pleasant environment. We call that 'Vital City'. By means of an open debate we want to make significant progress in building the Vital Cities. Not only during an exhibition, but as a way of life.

Supported by talk show host Bert van Leeuwen, Vialis produces a short film on future mobility. In this film Bert interviews customers, students and scientist about their vision on future mobility. Bert tried to initiate discussion by launching theses like:


  • Will Smart phones and tablets soon play a major role in our mobility?
  • Who is really responsible for traffic?
  • Will ICT solve all of our traffic problems?
  • Will influencing change of behaviour result in permanent traffic improvement?


We would like to hear as many opinions as possible. After all, we are all responsible for the future of mobility together, and we need each other. Would you like to contribute to the discussion on the vital city of tomorrow? Please send an email message.


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