Vital Talks; debate about the future of the Vital City

With our traffic solutions Vialis contributes to the creation of the ‘Vital City’ and the ‘Smart City’. By integrating systems we improve the urban quality and economic vitality of cities. We distinguish ourselves from other companies by integrating native and non-native systems into integrated solutions. These solutions provide information and safety and enable control, and payment for roads, waterways and railways. We execute projects and maintain the systems for many years. After all, Vialis is a producer, system integrator and service provider.


However, we cannot do this alone. The ideas, knowledge and opinions of the world around us are significant to us. We permanently monitor our surroundings and consider our best position in this playing field. This is why we organised ten roundtable discussions at Intertraffic 2014. In these discussions we interviewed the triple helix on their opinion on challenging traffic issues.

Subjects treated

Subjects that were treated include:


Tuesday 25 March

  • Optimising Use, from roadside to in-car systems: does this mean that trusted road side systems will disappear? (with Bart Vuyk/TNO, Peter Krootjes/TomTom, Gert Blom/BBZOB, Maurice Geraerts/NXP Semiconductors, Riender Happee/TU Delft, Folker Bloembergen/Rijkswaterstaat and Willem Hartman/Vialis)
  • Smart Parking: soon to be the most powerful tool of traffic managers? (with Edwin Siemerink/Nedap, Ed Kroet/municipality of Zoetermeer, Casper Stelling/MU-Consult, Paul van Loon/Empaction, Martje Hoofs/municipality of Leiden, Jean-Paul Vandewinckele/Parko en Joep Hintzen/Vialis)

Wednesday 26 March

  • Cross-area collaboration: will traffic problems soon be problems of the past when we all collaborate like super municipalities or urban areas? (with Arthur Rietkerk/Province of Noord-Holland, Ronald Dissel/municipality of Amsterdam, Ronald Adams/Rijkswaterstaat, Akke Drentje/province of Gelderland, Marielle Zijlstra/province of Utrecht, Bert van der Veen/MAPtm, Manja Mossel-Sletterink/Rijkwaterstaat, Robin van Haasteren/Vialis)
  • Optimising Use, smart ICT: will smart ICT solve our traffic problems and are new roads no longer necessary? (with Sjaak Roosenboom/municipality of Almere, Guus Kruijssen/province of Noord-Holland, Carl Stolz/DTV Consultants, Corianne Stevens-van der Geer/Grontmij, Jurgen Rutgers/Transelect, Jan-Floor Troost Oppelaar/AT Osborne, Patrick van Norden/urban area Haaglanden and Willem Mak/Vialis)
  • Influencing or changing travellers behavior: is it useful to continuously invest money to reward those who avoid peak hours, or will travel patterns automatically change? (with Cees Wildervanck/Paauwen PenProducten, Kees van der Neut/municipality of Enschede, Andries van Vugt/Organiq, Niels van den Brink/ManEngenius, Mattijs Wouters/Arval, Linda van der Eijck/VVN, Henk Meerlo/LSI, Houda Kafi/Vialis)

Thursday 27 March

  • The role of the government versus market (organisational): Does outsourcing infrastructure and traffic management result in savings with a consistent quality for travellers? (with Floris Vosse/municipality of Haarlem, Nico Anten/Connekt, Joep Dickhaut/Movinnio, Philippe Kemps/VolkerLink, Jaap van Kooten/Arane, Ben Rutten/TU Eindhoven and Peter Verwaaijen/Vialis)
  • Optimising Use, Big Data: Big Data is not new, but will we invest time and money on data analysis and beneficial use of these data now? (with Rob Schuurbiers/Simacan, Joost van Os/urban area Amsterdam, Patrick Potgraven/VID, Sander Klous/KPMG, Herman Wagter/Connekt, Eric-Mark Huitema/IBM, Els Rijnierse/NDW and Tim van Soest/CGI)
  • Travel to the city without any stress: every group of travellers has a different valuation criteria for a pleasant city, how should we make this choice for our mobility policy? (with Mike Bérénos/AVB, Mario Vanlommel/Be-Mobile, Ard Wolthuis/municipality of Amsterdam, Ruud Hornman/NHTV, Willy Verweij/Q-Park, Etiènne Westbroek/municipality of Maastricht, Mark Schenk/urban area Rotterdam and Ceciel Meijs/Vialis)

Friday 28 March

  • Functional and Technical asset management: there is enough attention for technical management, but why is so little time spent on the impending loss of functional quality of equipment and systems? (with Peter van Bekkum/MU-Consult, Bram van Luipen/Bureau Bram van Luipen, Peter-Jan Kleevens/municipality of Utrecht, Mattieu Nuijten/Advin, Rutger Smeets/province of Noord-Brabant, Berrie Groenveld/Rijkswaterstaat, Donald Bezemer/DON Bureau and Flip Jonasse/Vialis)
  • Travel to the city without any stress: every group of travellers has a different valuation criteria for a pleasant city, how should we make this choice for our mobility policy? (with Paul Bloemen/Mobility S, Henk de Winter/municipality of Den Bosch, Erna Jansen/Acquire Media, Silvester Heijdemann/CiiQ, Chris Engelsman/urban area Amsterdam and Robin van Haasteren/Vialis)


Presentator Bert van Leeuwen
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