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Asset Management

The Dutch infrastructure is at the limits of its capacity. We cannot expand any further, therefore we will have to move towards the most efficient use of the available assets. The government programme ‘Talking Traffic’, has been set up for a reason, and Vialis plays an active role in it.


‘Talking Traffic’ means making better use: ensuring that the infrastructure is and remains available to the maximum extent possible. This is the direction of the Vialis Asset Management department’s ambition: to ensure that the assets we manage are always available, unless otherwise planned (i.e.: ‘zero hours of unscheduled non-availability’).

Asset Management and Vialis  Chain-transcending scope

  •   Chain-transcending scope for optimal deployment and control of assets
  •   Close cooperation with colleagues from infrastructure company VolkerWessels in the further development of Project and Asset Management
  •   Service based on Life Cycle Management
  •   Future-oriented with a strong focus on new technologiesü  ISO 55001 as a benchmark for developing an excellent maintenance organization

Engage in the entire life cycle

Vialis' Asset Management leads the way in the deployment of safe, innovative solutions that guarantee the availability and reliability of tunnels, bridges, locks and traffic systems. Our approach is based on a lifecycle principle, and a working method in which maintenance actually adds value to the assets. What we do is continually weigh up the required performance, risks and (social) costs.


Most importantly, we aim to increase both operational security and reliability, as well as safety. To achieve this, we apply RAMS engineering and Life Cycle Engineering, starting immediately from the tender phase. We prefer to enter projects at the earliest possible stage, so that we can contribute our expertise to the entire life cycle, from a management, user and technical perspective.

New technological solutions

In the design and execution phase, we benefit greatly from our ‘dual role’: Vialis is both a supplier and an integrator. This provides a huge knowledge advantage when it comes to the assets that we develop and apply ourselves. We have always been a very experienced and flexible maintenance organization, offering solutions for non-scheduled maintenance as well.


However, we see the greatest ‘gain’ in the application of new technological solutions as support for fail-safe maintenance. The Internet-of-Things (IoT), SMART Monitoring and Predictive Analytics using Big Data, helps us to further perfect our services. In so doing, we make use of our extensive knowledge and experience that is available within our own chain-transcending organization and in other Royal VolkerWessels companies. This gives us the best possible resources to work efficiently and effectively on traffic flow, safety and sustainability, and therefore on the quality of life in the Netherlands.