Over the years, Vialis has become part of increasingly larger, integrated infrastructure projects. Thanks to our know-how and experience, we are exceptionally well placed to provide an appropriate response to the resulting technological design questions.


This has everything to do with the breadth of our organization and the ability to approach projects, from tender to maintenance, in an integrated way. For each design, and from the very beginning, we can deploy the required expertise necessary to guarantee integration - which is exactly what we do. But that's not all.

Design and Vialis

  • Integrated approach to advice, design, realization and delivery, management and maintenance
  •  Experience with complex integral infrastructure projects
  • Connected design approach
  • Management of interfaces and environmental parties
  •  Design of feasible, testable and maintainable solutions

Ensuring safety, flow and sustainability

As a chain-transcending solution provider, we have our own traffic experts capable of overseeing extensive traffic systems and providing solutions that guarantee safety, traffic flow and sustainability. Our design leaders and system architects are used to thinking from the project function point of view, and not immediately from the technical point of view. We have the design capabilities for hardware and software, as well as the test facilities. We even have the testers building flawlessly functioning systems - whether these are bridges and locks, tunnels or Dynamic Traffic Management. In addition, we are increasingly investing in standardization and modular construction on the basis of reference projects, which means that designs are mainly ‘configured’. This increases efficiency, lowers costs and reduces risks, because all the modules have been tested beforehand. It ensures that 80 percent of our efforts are directed to the 20 percent of remaining project-specific risks.

Managing interfaces and environmental parties

The 80 per cent certainly includes the management of interfaces and environmental parties. After all, the large projects to which we contribute in this field are also characterized by their complexity. As designers, we do not only serve our own interests and goals. Our aim therefore is to seek coordination with all parties involved at the earliest possible stage in, for example, a broad-based project start-up. We take our role as a connecting partner very seriously. By involving all disciplines and relevant parties at the earliest possible stage, we eliminate the environmental risks and arrive at designs that are feasible, testable and maintainable, within time and budget. Designs that ‘work’ - for anyone, from any position, who has an interest in this.