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Functional Management

The strain on the infrastructure of the Netherlands is huge. The smallest disruption of the flow can have major consequences.

Functional Management and Vialis

  •   Services based on management or performance contract
  •   Specialist traffic knowledge, coupled with operational and technical strength
  •   Control of, and insight into, the entire chain
  •   Knowledge partner from the first moment of collaboration
  •   Analyses using VISSIM

Continuous optimization of traffic systems

Vialis’ functional management focuses on the continuous optimization of traffic systems. To begin with, we make use of the wealth of data available to us, thanks to the smart feedback modules of our traffic control systems. These Measured Values​files are increasingly supplemented with data from new sources; for example, from new detection systems or Open Data.


Automated analysis of this data provides insight into the functioning of the system. Based on pre-defined completion levels, it is decided whether adjustments are needed. Where that is the case, scenarios and measures will take effect. This methodology is linked to Vialis' traffic management platform verkeer.nu, which also includes the Vialis Data Platform.

Traffic insight and technical strength

Vialis fulfils a solid advisory role for many clients. From the very beginning of an infrastructure project we already start considering the best way to deal with traffic management. We control the entire chain, from design to asset management. The combination of in-depth traffic insight and technical strength is of great added value. For support, we have the use of our own state-of-the-art tooling, and are able to not only perform simulations at a local level (traffic lights), but are capable of including full DVMs. This results in a more complete picture and helps to keep the flow going and the safety of large and complex traffic systems at an optimal level.