Now more than ever, our clients assess the result of their infrastructure project on the performance provided by the new road system. ‘What’ is not important, but rather ‘how it functions’. 


That is why it is important for Vialis - as a chain-transcending provider - to talk to clients about performance contracts. This approach requires even more attention in respect of integration: involvement, from advice and design to realization, management and maintenance. For this reason, the Vialis Realization discipline - responsible for work preparation and execution - is attached to a project as early as possible. In our opinion, it is the only way to realize complex systems on time, safely and with as few disruptions as possible, in accordance with the agreed performance standards.

Realization and Vialis

  • Integrated approach to advice, design, realization and delivery, management and maintenance
  • Configured for cooperation
  •  Solution-oriented and flexible
  • Digital reporting
  • Close relationship with partners in infrastructure company VolkerWessels, for a smooth transfer


Binding power

We collaborate very closely in order to achieve our goals and those of our clients. Primarily with the clients, but also with all the other partners involved in infrastructure and mobility projects. We see it as our responsibility to forge all these parties, their solutions and our solutions, into one powerful unit.


At Vialis, we are very proud of our ‘binding power’. This quality can certainly be found in our project managers, work planners and contractors. They all have a strong focus on collaboration - both internally, and also with other chain partners. They link empathy to assertiveness and openness in all their communications. They are specially selected for their proactive qualities and their ability to think ahead, and distinguish themselves through their own solutions and flexibility: the ‘drive’ to get things done. Within Vialis, collaboration is further stimulated by the exchange of knowledge regarding new technologies and projects, so that colleagues can easily become involved in the transformation to a digital future.

Digital reporting

Our goal is to achieve ‘fully operational systems’. Demonstrability is crucial in this respect. This is why, during the completion process, we also invest in digital reporting for verification and validation. This allows us to demonstrate to our clients that not only do we deliver on our promises, but that we are able to prove that the public funds with which our projects are generally financed, are being well spent.